TNT transport service to foreign countries

  1. After order of transport you will receive e-mail with estimated delivery date and tracking number.
  2.  Delivery date depends on country and conditions of TNT. Economy service will be used for all shipments. Average delivery time is 2-4 days.
  3. All shipments will be delivered between 9 :00– 18:00.
  4. In case you won’t be available, driver will contact you and shipment will be stored in depo.
  5. You can track your shipments on the website or follow the link that you will receive in the moment of ordering transport.


General information

  1.  In the moment of receipt the shipment, check if the package isn’t damaged.
  2. By receipt of the shipment you confirm that you received shipment without evident faults.
  3. If the package is damaged, inform driver.


Price list


Country Price
EU (exl. CZ and SK) 20,- EUR exl. VAT
Outside EU (except of CIS countries ) 120,- EUR exl. VAT
CIS countries On request