Quality policy

01 To improve the quality of two-way communication with the customer and accelerate our response to the customer’s needs, in particular using advanced internet technology tools.
02 Ensure continuous quality improvement in relation to our products and services. Focus on extending after-sales customer services.
03 Continuously improve and optimize our production and inventory planning system in order to reduce the delivery times as much as possible.
04 In production, continuously increase the share of products with high added value that are capable of competing against the leading global manufacturers. Give these products maximum priority in development projects as well.
05 Continuously modernize the technology fleet so as to ensure a stable high quality production comparable to the world’s top manufacturers.
06 Improve the incentive system and the staff training and evaluation system.
07 Build the company image as one of the leading global manufacturers and attractive employers within the region.
08 Continuously streamline and improve our quality management system.