Environmental policy

01 Comply with the applicable provisions of all legal regulations, i.e. European Union regulations, laws, regulations, decrees and standards related to environmental protection, occupational safety, health protection and fire prevention.
02 Continuously improve our relationship to environmental protection and pollution prevention.
03 Strive to eliminate or reduce, as much as possible, the negative impact of our activities, products and services on the environment and on the health of our staff and the region’s inhabitants.
04 Verify, on a regular basis, the environmental management system as a part of the organization’s management, including the staff’s motivation to pursue the commitments provided for in the environmental policy.
05 Based on objective verification, i.e. checks, measurements and monitoring of environmental aspects and their impact, review, on a yearly basis, the system established by the top management in order to compare the actual findings with the commitments arising from the environmental policy, thereby ensuring involvement in the continuous improvement process.
06 Regularly and consequently analyse our consumption of raw and other materials and energy, and thoroughly sort waste generated in our production in order to reduce the use of natural resources and raw materials to minimum.
07 Make use of the comprehensive training system for our staff to obtain and continuously enhance the necessary knowledge in relation to environmental protection.
08 Cooperate with the competent authorities and the public in order to respect the national and regional environmental policy.
09 Pursue the principle of sustainable development, focussing on efficient use and implementation of facilities mitigating their impact on the environment.
10 Carry out, on a regular basis, analyses of potential emergency threats and suggest their efficient prevention.