The NAREX Zdanice company specialises primarily in the production of the taps made of high speed steels and high performance high speed steels and currently it is the largest producer in the Czech Republic and one of the largest producers in Europe of these taps.

NAREX Ždánice - pohled na firmuThe standard product range includes machine taps, forming taps, nut taps and hand set taps, threading tool kits and dies. In addition to the standard product range, based on the customers’ requirements, the Company produces also special threading tools and thread gauges. Also implemented in our modern hardening plant, in addition to the heat treatment of own products, is the heat treatment of parts that are supplied by our customers.

The NAREX Zdanice Company is a traditional and stable engineering company owned exclusively by its Czech owners and it is also proud of its native engineering tradition. Its total production is manufactured at the Company’s facility in Zdanice.

Operace broušení závitů

Currently nearly 70% of this production is supplied to foreign markets. The primary purchasing countries include Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands and Russia. The Company has some other important customers outside Europe, e.g. in Brazil. Recently, we have also been successfully expanding in the Asian market, especially in China and Vietnam. Our marketing success is based on our ongoing improvement both of the quality of our products and also of all our processes. Our Quality Management System is certified in accordance with the European EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard in the category defined as: “The development and production of threading tools and metal heat treatment”.

For us our long-term and continuous investment in production and service technologies is accepted as a matter of course. In recent years, we have been extremely successful in obtaining grants from the European Union, particularly as part of its Enterprise and Innovation Operational Programme. Within this programme we have already received funds totalling more than CZK 50 million. Large-scale modernisation, however, is not implemented just for the sake of increasing labour productivity. One of the additional principal criteria is the potential impact of these technologies on the environment. A high degree of emphasis is placed on reducing our consumption of non-renewable resources by utilising the newly acquired technologies, less waste production and increasing their friendliness to all the constituents of both the living and the working environment.

Since it is evident that technological investment alone will not bring-about the desired effects, also an integral part of the overall development of the Company is employee development. Combining modern technologies and properly implemented processes with skilled employees comprises the cornerstone of a successful business. At present the Company has 165 employees and their development is seen as both a necessary and a continuing process. In this sphere there are both several successfully completed projects and others that are currently being implemented.

Technické měření závitníkůOur fundamental strategic goal is to be identified as one of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of threading tools, especially of taps. We are well aware that obtaining such a degree of prestige is not just a matter of increasing revenues and reducing costs. Even what is an undoubtedly very important emphasis on the increase of the quality of the product will not suffice. It is clearly evident that the impact of business activities on the ecological and ethical dimensions is increasing rapidly worldwide. We know that it is not sufficient to just have a high-quality and competitive product. Thereby, since we certainly do consider this trend to be correct, we do seek to follow it.

NAREX Zdanice wants to stand-out both as a prestigious and a long-term stable employer and to consistently strengthen this reputation. The Company also wants to prove that an internationally recognised company can operate successfully even in a small town and that the production of high quality and high performance taps in the Czech Republic will always be associated with our region and with Zdanice.